Latest Space Missions of India – Indian Space Research Organisation

isroLatest Space Missions of India – Indian Space Research Organisation

  • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has submitted a plan for 58 space missions to be undertaken as a part of 12th Five Year Plan, 2012-17.
  • A Plan outlay of Rs. 39,750 crore in 12th Five Year Plan period has been provisionally earmarked under the Plan budget for Space Programme. During the current year 2012-13, a sum of Rs. 5,615 crore has been allocated and the amount spent up to End October, 2012 is Rs.1,871.53 crore.
  • The Missions planned for 12th Five Year plan also encompasses 33 Satellite missions and 25 Launch Vehicles missions. The details and the objectives of each mission are as under:
Sl No Mission Objective
1 SARAL Satellite with Argos and Altimeter for Oceanography studies.
2 CARTOSAT-2C High resolution Cartography satellite for mapping applications for special users.
4 RESOURCESAT-2A Satellite for Natural Resource Survey applications.
5 OCEANSAT-3 Satellite for Ocean and Coastal studies.
6 CARTOSAT-3 Advanced very high resolution cartography satellite.
7 GISAT Geo Imaging Satellite for monitoring and Disaster Management applications.
8 GSAT-9 Communication satellite to augment the INSAT system with C band Transponders
9 GSAT-10 Communication satellites to augment the INSAT system with C and Ku band Transponders
10 GSAT-15
11 GSAT-16
12 GSAT-17
13 GSAT-18
14 GSAT-14 Experimental Communication Satellites
15 GSAT-11S
16 GSAT-6 Multi-media Mobile communication satellites for strategic applications.
17 GSAT-6A
18 GSAT-7 Communication satellite for special users.
19 GSAT-Ka Advanced Ka band satellite for VSAT communications.
20 GSAT-11
21 GSAT-19E New generation experimental communication satellite.
22 INSAT-3D Advanced Meteorological Satellite
23 IRNSS-1 Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System (IRNSS) for satellite based positioning services – The constellation consists of Seven IRNSS satellites.
24 IRNSS-2
25 IRNSS-3
26 IRNSS-4
27 IRNSS-5
28 IRNSS-6
29 IRNSS-7
30 ASTROSAT Multi-wavelength Space Astronomy Observatory for scientific investigations.
Sl No Mission Objective
31 MARS ORBITER Technological mission to reach Martian orbit and studying the surface and atmospheric features of Mars.
32 CHANDRAYAAN-2 Scientific investigations of Lunar surface with in-situ measurements.
33 ADITYA Scientific Satellite for study of Sun and Solar Corona phenomena.
34 PSLV – C20 Launching of SARAL Satellite into Polar Orbit.
35 PSLV – C 21 Launching of French satellite SPOT-6 on commercial basis.
36 PSLV – C22 For launching of IRNSS-1 satellite.
37 PSLV – C23 For launching of IRNSS-2 satellite
38 PSLV – C24 For launching of IRNSS-3 satellite
39 PSLV – C25 For launching of MARS orbiter.
40 PSLV – C26 For launching of Astrosat into near earth orbit.
41 PSLV – C27 For launching of Cartosat-2C into Polar orbit.
42 PSLV – C28 For launching of IRNSS-4 satellite.
43 PSLV – C29 For launching of IRNSS-5 satellite.
44 PSLV – C30 For launching of IRNSS-6 satellite.
45 PSLV – C31 For launching of Resourcesat-2A into polar orbit.
46 PSLV – C32 For launching of Cartosat-2D in to polar orbit.
47 PSLV – C33 Commercial Launch Service
48 PSLV – C34 For launching of IRNSS-7 satellite.
49 PSLV – C35 For launching of Oceansat-3 satellite into polar orbit.
50 PSLV- C36 For launching of Cartosat-3 satellite into Polar orbit.
51 GSLV – D5 Development flight with indigenous cryogenic stage for launching GSAT-14satellite.
52 GSLV – D6 For launching of GSAT-6 into Geosynchronous transfer orbit.
53 GSLV – F8 For launching of Chandrayaan-2
54 GSLV – F09 For launching of GSAT-9 communication satellite.
55 GSLV – F10 For launching of GISAT satellite into Geosynchronous transfer orbit.
56 GSLV – F11 For launching of GSAT-6A satellite.
57 GSLV – Mk III-X1 Experimental test flight.
58 GSLV – Mk III D1 First developmental flight of GSLV Mk III  for launching GSAT-19E satellite

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